When it comes to expressing agreement or disagreement in English, there are a variety of phrases and expressions that can be used. These phrases can be used in a variety of settings, from everyday conversation to academic discussions. In this article, we`ll explore some of the most common agreement and disagreement ejemplos that you can use in your writing and conversations.

Agreement Ejemplos

1. “I completely agree with you.” – This phrase is a straightforward way to express total agreement with someone`s opinion or argument.

2. “I couldn`t agree more.” – This phrase is similar to the first one, but it adds an extra level of emphasis to show just how much you agree with the other person.

3. “That`s a great point.” – This phrase is useful for situations where you want to express agreement with a specific point that someone has made.

4. “You`re absolutely right.” – This phrase is similar to the first two, but it focuses specifically on the other person being correct in their argument or opinion.

5. “I`m on board with that.” – This phrase is a more casual way of expressing agreement, and it`s often used in informal settings.

Disagreement Ejemplos

1. “I see your point, but I have to disagree.” – This phrase is a common way to start a sentence when expressing disagreement with someone`s opinion or argument.

2. “I`m afraid I can`t agree with you on that.” – This phrase is another way to express disagreement, but it adds a bit of polite distance to the conversation.

3. “I respectfully disagree with you.” – This phrase is a more formal way to express disagreement, and it`s often used in academic or professional settings.

4. “I have a different perspective on this.” – This phrase is useful when you want to express that you understand the other person`s point of view, but you have a different way of looking at the issue.

5. “I`m not convinced.” – This phrase is a subtle way to express disagreement, without being too confrontational or aggressive.


Whether you`re trying to agree or disagree with someone, there are plenty of ejemplos at your disposal. These phrases can help you navigate difficult conversations and express your opinion in a clear and concise way. Remember, it`s important to be respectful and considerate of the other person`s feelings, even when you`re expressing disagreement. With these ejemplos in your toolbox, you`ll be well-equipped to handle any discussion that comes your way.